Hi everyone! Kate recently started blogging and her writing is AMAZING. We grew up together and used to write funny stories about a fictional character named Papa. We’ve decided to collaborate once again and start writing about Papa and his adventures, but for now, check out her hilarious short stories! This one is my personal favorite!

Kate the Writer


The three girls sat together in an open field. Kat hugged her knees. Her hair blew in the wind, straight as a board, reaching down her back.

“I can’t wait,” she said with a smile. The other girls agreed.

You see, today was a big day for these girls. It was the day. The biggest day of their recent lives. The most defining day of their high school careers.

Today, the girls tried out to be cheerleaders on the varsity cheerleading squad. Varsity! Last year, they weren’t old enough. They were junior varsity cheerleaders, and that was okay, because they weren’t allowed to be on the varsity squad yet. But this year… this year was different. This tenth year of their schooling, they would either become esteemed varsity cheerleaders… or tenth grade losers who had to cheer with the freshman. Indeed, this year would separate the women…

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