6 Signs You Love Bad Boys

Thought Catalog


1. You think you can fix him because he’s got that James Dean, daydream, look in his eyes.

Dude is hot. Like the kind of hot that is dirty. Good girls view bad boys like a valuable piece of trash that they found inside a dumpster. We 100% know you are trash, but we think that maybe, just maybe, this piece of trash is worth something. Scenario: Girl walks into a garage sale and immediately is attracted to an item that is speaking to her. She turns to her friend and says, “Wow! Look at this awesome old cigarette covered Louis Vuitton bag! It might wreak of smoke and look like a fake, but I can like spray something on it and it will get better. I’m going to buy it and invest some time into making it much better than it was before. It’s going to be great…

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