9 Things Ugly Ducklings Know To Be True

My latest on TC. Enjoy!

Thought Catalog


1. Fixing your eyebrows makes a hell of a difference.

I didn’t have horrible acne or embarrassing Harry Potter glasses… No, I had something much worse – bad eyebrows. I can’t even believe that my mother allowed me to walk out of the house with my eyebrows looking the way that they did or that I thought what I was doing to my face was even remotely normal. The shape of my eyebrows configured into small lopsided commas. After about three solid years of shaping and growing, my eyebrows finally started to regain some type of dignity. Bad luck with eyebrows apparently runs in my family. When I was 15, my little brother shaved his eyebrows completely off and my mom had to draw them on every day before he went to school. Eyebrows make the difference, if you don’t believe me, google “Anne Hathaway, no eyebrows.”

2. Wearing…

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